Wednesday, December 19, 2012

American Men VS. Foriegn Men

To be fair, this is a general idea I am going to bring to a broad and in my opinion very interesting and serious topic. When I made it to college I was exposed to people from all walks of life and it was the best thing to ever happen to me. One of the first kind of people I was drawn to were foreign students. I admired their culture, style and individuality. I can remember my first day in marketing class and one of my good friends by the name of Keith stood up in class and introduced himself. With his Scottish accent  Keith said to the class "Hello, My name is Keith. And I'm from Scotland". The American males looked at him almost enviously and the American women drooled over him. From that point on I knew that there was a very interesting dynamic in regards to the way women viewed American men versus those from foreign lands. Let's try to get the source of this.

Throughout my research on this topic the thing that I found the most interesting is the women(Both American and foreign) that I had spoken with all said the same thing. The most glaring difference between American men and foreign men are our views on culture and romance and  our sense of fashion. Women almost unanimously prefer the foreign male in regards to these topics. Women feel that for the most part foreign men dominate in regards to their strong sense of culture and uniqueness, their willingness to be romantic and impress a woman, their style, fashion sense, personal hygiene and grooming. These are all things that appeal immensely to the sensory of a woman, they want to be treated well, they want to feel special and they want a man who is different and pleasantly unique.

As an American male I see this as a wake up call to American men. Although all of us don't fall under these generalizations I'll be the first to admit that most of us do. The American culture just doesn't breed the same kind of men that foreign countries do. Some of us American men may exhibit the qualities that women find attractive in foreign men but that only comes through years of  education and travel. Sadly too many of us fall short in regards to our views of the world, being truly romantic with women and our sense of style and fashion. I do believe that American men are slowly changing the views women worldwide have about us, many of us aspire to be well dressed gentlemen who are culturally and social aware. I've always admired the qualities of European men and I work everyday to evolve as a man. It's sad to me that American men have to fight to learn and acquire characteristics that a lot of foreign men have naturally due to their environment and their up bringing.  

This is a very multi-layered conversation that I could go on and on about forever, I will surely address  this more on a later date. But to be fair I  do find that cultured and worldly American women are falling for foreign men and foreign women even if they prefer their own men they are attracted to american men. Maybe it is the idea that it is something different from what we consider as norm, we love accents and anything not like what we are used to. Either way this is a great topic that deserves attention.

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