Saturday, December 29, 2012

College Guys Guide To: A Romantic Evening

OK guys I'm sure if you are anything like me then you often think about if you were to invite a girl over who you are really interested in then how could you pull off a wonderful romantic evening. Well I saved you some of the trouble and formulated my idea of what a romantic evening at your place could be like. Lets Begin.

Ok first thing is first, if you don't live by yourself then make sure that you can get your roommates out of the place. If this is truly to be a romantic night then there should be no interruptions. Once you have gotten that covered then make sure you CLEAN UP!, most of us hate doing things like this but to fully impress her you must have a clean living space.

After you have cleaned up the house its your turn to get cleaned. Make sure your grooming is near flawless, seriously guys romanticism is submersed in fantasy. This entire experience should be a stimulation of her senses, how you look and what you smell like is key. Where something casual but nice, and put on your finest cologne. Not too much cologne by the way, it has to be subtle. Subtle is sexy because it doesn't come off as trying too hard.

Now this is where the fun comes in at, you are wondering what to cook and what to drink. The key is to make a dinner that isn't too heavy and to drink something that isn't too strong that you cant sip on it all night.
My go to dinner in this case is T.A.Q. (Tilapia, Asparagus, and Quinoa). This is a light and tasty meal so that you can give her a little dinner but not so much that she it too full and uncomfortable. As far as drinks are concerned lets try to keep it classy, you don't want her sloppy drunk throwing up on your couch. This should be a smooth night so pick something that you both can drink all night and not get too sloppy. My go to drink in this case would be either Moet & Chandon Imperial Rose, Italian Amarone Wine ( Brand of your choice) or Gin & Tonic. Either of these drinks along with a light meal will be the perfect precursor to the night.

Finally, I'm sure you are wondering "OK how will I entertain her". Well this is the best part of the night, this is where your gentlemanly skills shall be put to the test. I'm sure a few of you may be thinking about popping in a chick flick and seeing where the night takes you after a few drinks. I'll say to you that you are batshit crazy. Don't you ever, ever, ever pop that movie in. One of the things you learn as a gentlemen is that the best tool at your disposal is your conversation, use it. Engage her, find out about her likes, dislikes, her future, what she loves, if she likes animals, her favorite color etc. Then tell her about yourself, without coming off as cocky or obnoxious. Be vulnerable, but not soft. Don't make this night typical, make this night magical and you will reap the benefits of a great romantic evening.

Hope this was helpful, Until next time.
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But you are not around...

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Text Messaging Ruining Your Connection With Someone

Maybe its me but I am becoming less and less of  a fan of text messaging as a primary source of communication with someone you care about. I feel like if you care about someone then you should try to call them and talk to them more often. When you text it leaves too much to decipher and decode through the words someone might say. The raw emotions you get when you hear the tone and the way someone speaks is non existent in text messaging. Someone could be happy, mad, or sad and its truly hard to tell how they really feel through text. Text messaging in my opinion can you distant from someone you care about. Just think about the way people use texting nowadays, some people use it to say things they wont say face to face. The chemistry and feeling of knowing someone can easily fade if all you do is text. Texting can detach you from whats going on in a persons life, the words you read are nothing like the words you can hear someone speak. If you care about someone you should try to pick up the phone and talk to that person for 5 minutes out of your day, you will notice a difference in how it makes you and that person feel.
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Friday, December 28, 2012

Guy Code: Hooking Up With Your Bestfriends Ex

Welcome to the first installment of "The Guy Code". We will discuss all of the do's and don'ts in the code of ethics of a guy. Sometimes we lose our way and need to be put back on track. The Guy Code will do just that. So let's begin

OK we all have had those moments when we meet one of our best friend's girlfriend. The saddest part about this whole experience is that within seconds of meeting that girl our first thought isn't "She is a nice girl, I hope she does right by my friend". Our first thoughts if she is attractive is " I would have sex with her." As time pasts and you realize your friend has moved on to another girl, you may wonder is it alright to hook up with your friends ex. Now this is a natural feeling, but acting on it can be a very tricky and slippery slope. The short answer to this is Yes and No. Here are a few tips if you ever want to embark on hooking up with your friends ex girlfriend.

  • 5-6 month rule.
If your friend has been with the girl more than 5-6 months then you are treading in dangerous waters hooking up with her. You almost never want to hook up with this girl, he has so much history with her that you will most definitely start a problem.

  • Timing is everything. 
The sting of hooking up with your friends ex girl wont hurt as bad if you wait long enough for him to either move on to the next girl or not care as much. Granted, in some cases you can wait 20 years and your friend will still be pissed but some guys move on.

  • Be honest with your friend. 
Sneaking around trying to hook up with your buddy's ex will get you both thrown out of his life or even worse start an altercation. To avoid all of this just ask him, what he doesn't know wont hurt him doesn't apply in this case. He will eventually find out from one of you and then it all goes to hell.

Hopefully these ideas help but there is something you should always remember. In some cases it is never alright to hook up with your best friends ex. Men are emotionally unstable as much as we like to act like we are not. Hooking up with your buds ex could be a blow to his ego that your friendship won't be able to recover from. Always keep in mind that you are risking your friendship.
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Bad Gal RiRi

No one is badder than Rihanna. She keeps us more interested about her everyday life than a 14 year old Justin Bieber fan on twitter. She tweets, posts pictures and sings about things that are sexy, captivating and provocative. Step inside the world of Bad Gal RiRi.

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Women's Fashion: Winter's Hottest Hues

By: Asia Jones- Le Grand Monde Fashion Writer

Red--The color rubies, fire, and wine. Commonly associated with danger, it takes a confident and daring individual to rock this color. Red was once the boldest and most fierce color of the spectrum, but not this season. Meet Red's hotter and more sophisticated cousin; Oxblood. Although the name sounds a bit Vampish, this deep burgundy tone mixed with shades of chocolate and purple has rapidly taken the fashion world by storm. It can be found in every latest collection so you'll have no problem getting your hands on this bloody wicked hue. Its become a more neutral shade that fairs all tones and styles. My personal favorite items are Oxblood coated leather pants. Whether you choose to wear it as an oversized sweater or on heeled booties, there's no doubt that you'll be safe from the fashion police in this Hot Hue. 





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Finding The One

Don't try to find the one. If you are reading this thinking I was gonna tell you how to find the one, I wont. That isn't nearly as important as what you should be doing. What you should focus on is making sure you are completely stable and prepared in your life so that once that person comes around you wont mess it up. Some of you may have found the one, that is wonderful for you guys but for the rest of us this is something that is frequently on our minds. As bad as you want that person, sometimes you aren't ready or even worse they aren't ready for you. With that being said look at your life this way, if you haven't found the one yet dedicate your life to becoming the best person you can be. With this new found dedication to your life and your life's work, you will find that you will be more prepared for that person when the opportunity arises.

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Be Vicious

There is something that we hear growing up that I feel doesn't resonate with you until you are out in the world on your own. That something that we hear is  "If you want anything in life you have to take it!'. I encourage all of you to "Be Vicious", be assertive in life. This world is vicious, you must become like this world in some aspects of your life to prosper. Nothing worth truly having will be given to you. Find your craft and viciously approach it.
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

You Are Who You Attract

If you are familiar with the laws of attraction then you would know that your actions and thoughts have the ability to dictate how you live. Another key factor in attraction is the person whom you choose to love. Who you love and who loves you ultimately reflects who you are as a person. Anyone who complains about their mate or lack thereof must understand that each instance is a direct reflection of you. If you have someone who you love and who loves you back and makes you happy then that can be in direct correlation with where your life is at that moment. If you have someone who you love but doesn't love you or vice versa this speaks volumes about the life you live at that point. Finally, if you have no one who loves you and you just feel like your have the most miserable love life just remember there is some tweaking from within you can do. Your life is a reflection of your thoughts, dreams, ambitions and what you let effect you. Always remember that in most cases when things are going wrong there is something you can alter within yourself to make your life better. You are who you attract.

"What you seek is seeking you" - Rumi

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The Cool: George Clooney

This is my first installment of The Cool. What you should come to expect from the cool series is articles on some of the coolest gentlemen in history and how they effect culture. These men embody the vision of those who aspire to one day be successful, admirable and of course... Cool.

George Clooney

Secretly I have always wanted to be George Clooney. He is well dressed, well spoken, and the ladies love him. I learn a lot about how to carry myself from George Clooney, this is a man who truly personifies cool. At the age of 51 his is practically ageless and has a timeless appeal. We all can learn something from the smooth dressing, clever talking ladies man from Kentucky.

You only have a short period in time within your life to make your mark. - George Clooney

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The Jackets: Men

If you have read my article on what to buy a guy for Christmas then you would know that men love jackets. We love all kinds of jackets and different styles fit different guys. Here are some of my favorite styles.

North Face($200-400)

Levi Jean Jacket ($80-200)


Superdry Brad Leather Jacket ($350-450)


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JAM OF THE DAY 12/27/12


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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Social Media Model

There has been a new wave sweeping the world that I've noticed over the past two years or so. Along with the social media wave there has been the need for people to use this platform to self promote. Self promotion in a sense isn't necessarily a bad thing, unless its being executed poorly. In this day of social media  and self promotion, people(especially women) go to desperate lengths to be seen and heard. Nowadays I often find myself cringing as I scroll down my news feed. The term coined for this type of behavior is the Facebook/Instagram Model. This applies to anyone who constantly posts proactive, close ups, lifestyle (bar, clubs, malls), materialistic or model-esque pictures. I honestly feel that the people who posts several pictures of their body and of a false lifestyle have very serious confidence and emotional issues. This type of behavior craves for attention and in most cases sad shamelessness that doesn't mirror anything close to their real day to day life. Today I'm gonna breakdown the male and female offenders.

The male offenders are show offs that are habitual liars. You may know one who posts pictures of money with captions like "this is only what I'm spending today" or "all I do is get money". You may also know the one who posts pictures at clubs with his friends claiming that he is "living the life". You may know my favorite one, the guy who completely lies about everything, who he knows, the girls in his life, where he has been, how much money he has and what kind of life he lives. No matter which one you know they all are just guys who are pretending for attention. If you are one of them and you are reading this I must say I often wonder what you will do when that artificial world you created comes crashing down around you. I know that you are doing it to get girls and to seem like a big shot to people, but once they find out you aren't really like that then the people you are trying to impress will desert you. Its only so long you can pretend before people either stop caring or find out that you are a fraud. The sort of lifestyle you want to live is attainable through a vision, a plan and dedication to your work or craft. Why not give your energy to that rather than to perpetrating a false lifestyle?

The women offenders are the most egregious of the offenders. There are so many layers to whats wrong with the woman offender that I don't know where to begin. This is a serious issue that I will tread lightly on because some of you need real help. Maybe there has been instances in your life that has altered your perception of what a real woman should be defined as. I'm sorry if something traumatizing has happened in your life that has made you rush to other places to find that sense of love and acceptance you desperately need in your life. With that said some of you are just girls who habitually choose to do things that in your heart you know is foolish. I honestly feel like you get a rush from the comments and likes on your pictures, is that why you do it? I wonder how you would feel if one day everyone just completely stopped liking or commenting on all of you posts and pictures, it's like you find your self worth in every comment and post. If there wasn't so many men and women feeding the beast that is the ego of women like this then they would be miserable and lack self confidence. The desperate vanity on display is something I cant comprehend. What makes the whole situation worst is that it's all become obnoxious to me, I can no longer tell which girls are craving attention and which ones are actually living these lives and just sharing experiences.

In conclusion, whether you are a guy or a girl, whether you are a participant or a spectator. I ask that you do your job to end this foolishness. We are officially by my estimation the least intelligent age of humans we have had in hundreds of years. With so many trends to follow and electronic devices it makes the ability to think for yourself and formulate an authentic confidence and opinion about things a daunting task. Don't feed into the non sense, explore, learn and live life for real. No more pretending.

Part 3 coming soon.
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The Social Media Celebrity

This is something that bothers me a lot about my generation of people. I feel like social media has distorted our idea of what qualifies as what an admirable person should be. What is even more sad is that it also has given people a false sense of confidence. Nowadays everyone is a celebrity on social media. They all say things that they believe we think is cool or fancy, posts pictures of extravagant things, and basically portray a lifestyle they don't live. Truly the saddest part about this is that in real life the person is nothing like this, not even close. The social media outlet allows people to portray the role of someone lavish while they are sitting at home, in most cases not even trying to obtain this lifestyle in real life. I've heard of fake it until you make it but social media has took it a step further, it's more like fake it and not even try to make it. To me it shows that these people are lacking something in their life that they are hoping the social media outlet can fill. I say all of that to say this, if you are a social media celebrity then let me pose this question.... what is it all worth?

Part 2: The Social Media Model ... Coming later today. 
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JAM OF THE DAY 12/26/12

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Artist: JR
Origin: France

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Coolest Homes: Miami

This is my first installment of Coolest Homes. I think we all have aspirations to one day acquire that home of our dreams. Some of us dream of having a family to share it with, others may dream of having women crawling all over the place and living like a rockstar. Either way we all are motivated to make it happen so here is a extra bit of luxurious motivation.

17 Indian Creek Dr

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