Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Social Media Model

There has been a new wave sweeping the world that I've noticed over the past two years or so. Along with the social media wave there has been the need for people to use this platform to self promote. Self promotion in a sense isn't necessarily a bad thing, unless its being executed poorly. In this day of social media  and self promotion, people(especially women) go to desperate lengths to be seen and heard. Nowadays I often find myself cringing as I scroll down my news feed. The term coined for this type of behavior is the Facebook/Instagram Model. This applies to anyone who constantly posts proactive, close ups, lifestyle (bar, clubs, malls), materialistic or model-esque pictures. I honestly feel that the people who posts several pictures of their body and of a false lifestyle have very serious confidence and emotional issues. This type of behavior craves for attention and in most cases sad shamelessness that doesn't mirror anything close to their real day to day life. Today I'm gonna breakdown the male and female offenders.

The male offenders are show offs that are habitual liars. You may know one who posts pictures of money with captions like "this is only what I'm spending today" or "all I do is get money". You may also know the one who posts pictures at clubs with his friends claiming that he is "living the life". You may know my favorite one, the guy who completely lies about everything, who he knows, the girls in his life, where he has been, how much money he has and what kind of life he lives. No matter which one you know they all are just guys who are pretending for attention. If you are one of them and you are reading this I must say I often wonder what you will do when that artificial world you created comes crashing down around you. I know that you are doing it to get girls and to seem like a big shot to people, but once they find out you aren't really like that then the people you are trying to impress will desert you. Its only so long you can pretend before people either stop caring or find out that you are a fraud. The sort of lifestyle you want to live is attainable through a vision, a plan and dedication to your work or craft. Why not give your energy to that rather than to perpetrating a false lifestyle?

The women offenders are the most egregious of the offenders. There are so many layers to whats wrong with the woman offender that I don't know where to begin. This is a serious issue that I will tread lightly on because some of you need real help. Maybe there has been instances in your life that has altered your perception of what a real woman should be defined as. I'm sorry if something traumatizing has happened in your life that has made you rush to other places to find that sense of love and acceptance you desperately need in your life. With that said some of you are just girls who habitually choose to do things that in your heart you know is foolish. I honestly feel like you get a rush from the comments and likes on your pictures, is that why you do it? I wonder how you would feel if one day everyone just completely stopped liking or commenting on all of you posts and pictures, it's like you find your self worth in every comment and post. If there wasn't so many men and women feeding the beast that is the ego of women like this then they would be miserable and lack self confidence. The desperate vanity on display is something I cant comprehend. What makes the whole situation worst is that it's all become obnoxious to me, I can no longer tell which girls are craving attention and which ones are actually living these lives and just sharing experiences.

In conclusion, whether you are a guy or a girl, whether you are a participant or a spectator. I ask that you do your job to end this foolishness. We are officially by my estimation the least intelligent age of humans we have had in hundreds of years. With so many trends to follow and electronic devices it makes the ability to think for yourself and formulate an authentic confidence and opinion about things a daunting task. Don't feed into the non sense, explore, learn and live life for real. No more pretending.

Part 3 coming soon.


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