Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stealing The Fire

Have you heard of the story of Prometheus? If not then im sure it would be of great interest. Greek legend has it that Prometheus created man from clay and stole fire from the Gods to give to humans. When Prometheus stole the fire and gave it to humans it gave humans the ability to progress in civilization( "What was dark is now light"). The story of Prometheus got me to wonder "what is your fire?". Many times in today's society whatever our "fire" is and whatever motivates us is most often stolen and lost through the process of life. The things that we most feel passionate about are often not what society encourages us to become. I ask that you maintain your fire for life and become your passions. If Prometheus would go to as great a length as stealing it from the Gods to give to humans that should tell you how important it is.
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Mother Nature: Florence Welch

If you dont know who Florence Welch of "Florence And The Machine" then you have alot of catching up to do. Florence Welch is one of those singers who come along every once in a while and completely floors you. Her voice is strong and heavenly, im sure this is what goddesses sound like. Just one listen to her hit "Cosmic Love" or her performance at London's Glastonbury Festival of "Dog Days" you will see clearly she is something special, mythical almost. Florence Welch has the potential to be one of the most powerful voices in her generation. Embrace the woman I like to call Mother Nature

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JAM OF THE DAY 1/28/13

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Some things are more powerful than others, some forces are too. There is a force inside of you, the "true you" that can sometimes be suppressed by the demands of what we call LIFE. Most of us lose ourselves in life and end up not being who we always thought and dreamed we could be. Most of the time we suppress the our inner selves because it is thought to not be wildly accepted. Other times we can be scared to be ourselves, scared to be great. I say you should take a chance. People are too concerned with the safest bet instead of the best thing for them. Its the journey and pride you take in doing things your own way that matters, not what society tells you is acceptable.
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SIGNS: She Isnt The One

Ok Fellas, I know that sometimes we all come across girls that we think very highly of. For whatever reason whether it be the girl is really attractive or you think that you mesh well with her you may be very into her. Now that you are intimate with this girl you may be thinking of taking the next step. But what if she isn't into you like you are into her? This can make the situation very sticky so here are some signs that she may not be as interested in you like you are with her.

  • No chemistry: This is the biggest thing in any relationship so make sure this is going strong. Some people are together and aren't sure how or why they are. Having good chemistry will make the bond stronger faster.
  • No call? No text?: When a girl is in love she wants to talk to you, and see you all the time. if you aren't getting the indication of some sort of true interest then you should say goodbye.
  • Bad communication: Most relationship doctors will say that communication is the key to all relationships. You must be able to understand the wants and needs of your girl and if its hard to read this then this is a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Don't know where you stand?: Have you ever found yourself wondering where you stood with a girl. Whether she really liked you or whether it was just a fling. If this is the case then you might be done.

  • She doesn't really care: This is the biggest tell tell sign. If she doesn't show a certain enthusiasm about your life. Your future endeavors ( work, projects etc.) , hobbies and things you find interesting or want to do then this will never ever work. A person has to be invested in you to make a relationship work. If they aren't then your best move is to ditch the relationship. You are only hurting yourself sticking around.

    Sometimes you fall for the wrong one, maybe this will be eye opening for some. Don't waste your time, energy and most importantly your love on anyone who doesn't deserve it.
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JAM OF THE DAY 1/21/13


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The Women: Solange

This woman is special. There are certain vibes people give off, some give off good ones and others bad. What Solange gives off is different it feels unlike most women, even different from her beautiful sister Beyonce. Solange doesnt scream overly sexy or lustfully at you. This is the kind of girl you want to know, you want to ask her questions. Her beauty is in her soul, but it doesnt hurt that she is quite attractive.
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Art: Sakristan

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Reindeer Games

More than any other activity in the world human beings deeply desire being apart of something other people cannot. Whether it be your own clique, a church, a team, a cult, a fraternity or sorority, maybe even a place of work. Exclusivity is something we covet, and if it is in group form we deeply desire the feeling to be apart of it. What attracts us to these things is that it is made overtly obvious by the people involved that not all people can be apart of or reach the pinnacle required to join. But what is the end result of these reindeer games? Upon being apart of something exclusive are you better than you would have been as human being if you did these things alone? Is there a certain group think or herding of sheep you succumb to? These are all questions you must answer yourself. What I will encourage is individuality and no matter what factions you are apart of your ability to think as a individual with prove to be the most exclusive thing you could ever have.

" I think the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you except yourself" - Rita Mae Brown

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Jungle Fever Pt. 4: Is it better?

Is it better?

Is it better to be in an interracial relationship than in one with someone of your own race? The answer is NO. Race isn't going to assure you will have a better mate. As a black male I have witnessed alot of other black males equate white female, foreign female, Latino female etc. with a better choice of mate. This is the most foolish thing anyone of any race can think about their race and any other. What makes a good mate is the things you have in common and the things you don't. The chemistry you create through your similarities and differences make you compatible with a person. Some people may be more compatible with people of other races and there is no problem with that. The only problem is if it is done in a way that provokes racist connotations. I have dated women of different races and as well as my own. It doesn't make me love one race more than another, my selection of women is solely on compatibility with my ideals, tastes and whether or not I find the girl attractive or not. If we all removed the race issue from dating then our world would benefit immensely from it. Fortunately we are moving into an age in which the thought of race mixing isn't so taboo. Although we do have a long way to go the brave decisions that a few people will take to be in interracial relationships, and those who build an interracial family will help to one day eliminate one of the greatest disservices to haunt the human psyche. Racism.

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JAM OF THE DAY 1/18/13


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Places To Go: Monte Carlo, Monaco

One of the best and most beautiful places you can ever lay your eyes on within this earth is Monte Carlo, Monaco in France. This is a simply goregeous trip destination made for those who live a fabolous lifestyle. The sights and sounds are breath taking and luxrious, feast your eyes on Monte Carlo.
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The Women: Antonique Smith

Antonique Smith is one of those women in showbiz that draws a certain intrigue. For, starters this woman is strikingly beautiful and is so with a cerain ease that screams "I'm a natural". Secondly, For all of her talents (Broadway actress in "Rent", leading actress in "Notorious" playing Faith Evans, and not to mention beautiful singer and songwriter) she has yet to breakthrough as a premier starlet. All that this says to me is that her brightest lights are on the horizon. Feast your eyes on the beauty of one of hollywoods soon to be stars.
Antonique Smith - "Notorious" New York Premiere - Inside Arrivals
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