Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SIGNS: She Isnt The One

Ok Fellas, I know that sometimes we all come across girls that we think very highly of. For whatever reason whether it be the girl is really attractive or you think that you mesh well with her you may be very into her. Now that you are intimate with this girl you may be thinking of taking the next step. But what if she isn't into you like you are into her? This can make the situation very sticky so here are some signs that she may not be as interested in you like you are with her.

  • No chemistry: This is the biggest thing in any relationship so make sure this is going strong. Some people are together and aren't sure how or why they are. Having good chemistry will make the bond stronger faster.
  • No call? No text?: When a girl is in love she wants to talk to you, and see you all the time. if you aren't getting the indication of some sort of true interest then you should say goodbye.
  • Bad communication: Most relationship doctors will say that communication is the key to all relationships. You must be able to understand the wants and needs of your girl and if its hard to read this then this is a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Don't know where you stand?: Have you ever found yourself wondering where you stood with a girl. Whether she really liked you or whether it was just a fling. If this is the case then you might be done.

  • She doesn't really care: This is the biggest tell tell sign. If she doesn't show a certain enthusiasm about your life. Your future endeavors ( work, projects etc.) , hobbies and things you find interesting or want to do then this will never ever work. A person has to be invested in you to make a relationship work. If they aren't then your best move is to ditch the relationship. You are only hurting yourself sticking around.

    Sometimes you fall for the wrong one, maybe this will be eye opening for some. Don't waste your time, energy and most importantly your love on anyone who doesn't deserve it.


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