Friday, May 17, 2013

Girls With Short Hair

Let The Force Be With You

I can remember watching GI Jane and Boomerang with Demi Moore and Halle Berry. At some point during my discovery of these movies as a young boy it dawned on me... "My god, I love women with short hair". There is a certain confidence in strutting your stuff while rocking a short cut, I often find the women I meet with short hair are amazing and have an interesting story to tell. This is my ode to them.

Karla Deras

Karla is the kinda girl you see and she automatically captures you. Her eyes are calm and her look is confident. Some men are intimidated by that, shes hard to read and the others are undeniably captivated.


Rihanna is music's bad girl and she is also known for her short cut. She may rock long hair from time to time but the short cut is her best look.

Natalie Portman

For the record im sure Natalie could wear racoon on her head and still be supremely attractive. Nat proves that with a beautiful pair of eyes you can make the short cut irresistable... or maybe just being Natalie Portman makes the look irresistable.

Nia Long

If you have ever seen the movie Friday then Nia was your childhood crush. Nia's beauty is effortless and it shows in her demeanor, there is nothing too extra about her. Her simplicity makes her even more sexy, I have loved her since I can remember liking girls.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry is the goddess of short hair ladies, in fact she made the look cool. At the peak of her fame you could stop by beauty salons and hear women asking for that "Halle look". Halle is the ageless beauty and no matter where you are from or what race you are you cant get enough of Halle.

Amber Rose

Amber Rose assumes the position as the Queen and ambassador of the short cut. Amber took the short cut to the extreme and went totally bald, she is one of the few women who can pull the look off. Why you ask? Because she was drop dead gorgeous to begin with. I mean honestly take a look... that face, those eyes, those lips, that body, not many earthly creatures possess the features worthy of Aphrodite herself.


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