Friday, May 17, 2013

Live From The Favelas: Brazil

Whether its Brazil's Cidade De Deus(City of God) or the inner city of Rio, the Favelas are a notorious playground for all things treacherous.

The inner city is term we use more than we think about what it means. They say say you can judge the strength of something by its weakest link, how ironic that very often the strength of a city is on display at its best in what is regarded as the most impoverished areas of it. Brazil is beautiful, but for damn sure it is violent. The Favelas of Brazil is regarded as one of the most dangerous areas on the face of the planet. Children are dying, women raped, young men become murderers or murdered. This is all commonplace in the world but ratcheted up several notches for Brazil, think 1990's Compton, CA times ten.

Children in the Favelas are more likely to die violently then in any place in North America and many places in the world. The slaughter of tens of thousands of the citizens are swept under the rug here, much like many places of poverty. Hopelessness and rebellion are at an all time high, Brazil is at war with its ghettos.

There is a terrible disservice we due to the human race while we are inhabitants on this earth. We don't take care of them. As much money as we have, as much resources as we allocate we always claim there isn't enough. The root of the violence is not that people want to do bad things innately, it is the fact that there needs aren't met and the people they trust with helping them to solve the issue turns a blind eye. Violence in ghettos are simply reactions to the situation whether it be lack of education, lack of food and water, and lack of money. The battle between the worlds ghettos and its government is a dance with the devil, one could only hope that both sides can come to an agreement or they'll surely destroy each other.


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