Friday, January 18, 2013

Jungle Fever Pt. 4: Is it better?

Is it better?

Is it better to be in an interracial relationship than in one with someone of your own race? The answer is NO. Race isn't going to assure you will have a better mate. As a black male I have witnessed alot of other black males equate white female, foreign female, Latino female etc. with a better choice of mate. This is the most foolish thing anyone of any race can think about their race and any other. What makes a good mate is the things you have in common and the things you don't. The chemistry you create through your similarities and differences make you compatible with a person. Some people may be more compatible with people of other races and there is no problem with that. The only problem is if it is done in a way that provokes racist connotations. I have dated women of different races and as well as my own. It doesn't make me love one race more than another, my selection of women is solely on compatibility with my ideals, tastes and whether or not I find the girl attractive or not. If we all removed the race issue from dating then our world would benefit immensely from it. Fortunately we are moving into an age in which the thought of race mixing isn't so taboo. Although we do have a long way to go the brave decisions that a few people will take to be in interracial relationships, and those who build an interracial family will help to one day eliminate one of the greatest disservices to haunt the human psyche. Racism.


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