Thursday, December 27, 2012

You Are Who You Attract

If you are familiar with the laws of attraction then you would know that your actions and thoughts have the ability to dictate how you live. Another key factor in attraction is the person whom you choose to love. Who you love and who loves you ultimately reflects who you are as a person. Anyone who complains about their mate or lack thereof must understand that each instance is a direct reflection of you. If you have someone who you love and who loves you back and makes you happy then that can be in direct correlation with where your life is at that moment. If you have someone who you love but doesn't love you or vice versa this speaks volumes about the life you live at that point. Finally, if you have no one who loves you and you just feel like your have the most miserable love life just remember there is some tweaking from within you can do. Your life is a reflection of your thoughts, dreams, ambitions and what you let effect you. Always remember that in most cases when things are going wrong there is something you can alter within yourself to make your life better. You are who you attract.

"What you seek is seeking you" - Rumi


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