Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Cool: George Clooney

This is my first installment of The Cool. What you should come to expect from the cool series is articles on some of the coolest gentlemen in history and how they effect culture. These men embody the vision of those who aspire to one day be successful, admirable and of course... Cool.

George Clooney

Secretly I have always wanted to be George Clooney. He is well dressed, well spoken, and the ladies love him. I learn a lot about how to carry myself from George Clooney, this is a man who truly personifies cool. At the age of 51 his is practically ageless and has a timeless appeal. We all can learn something from the smooth dressing, clever talking ladies man from Kentucky.

You only have a short period in time within your life to make your mark. - George Clooney


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