Saturday, December 29, 2012

College Guys Guide To: A Romantic Evening

OK guys I'm sure if you are anything like me then you often think about if you were to invite a girl over who you are really interested in then how could you pull off a wonderful romantic evening. Well I saved you some of the trouble and formulated my idea of what a romantic evening at your place could be like. Lets Begin.

Ok first thing is first, if you don't live by yourself then make sure that you can get your roommates out of the place. If this is truly to be a romantic night then there should be no interruptions. Once you have gotten that covered then make sure you CLEAN UP!, most of us hate doing things like this but to fully impress her you must have a clean living space.

After you have cleaned up the house its your turn to get cleaned. Make sure your grooming is near flawless, seriously guys romanticism is submersed in fantasy. This entire experience should be a stimulation of her senses, how you look and what you smell like is key. Where something casual but nice, and put on your finest cologne. Not too much cologne by the way, it has to be subtle. Subtle is sexy because it doesn't come off as trying too hard.

Now this is where the fun comes in at, you are wondering what to cook and what to drink. The key is to make a dinner that isn't too heavy and to drink something that isn't too strong that you cant sip on it all night.
My go to dinner in this case is T.A.Q. (Tilapia, Asparagus, and Quinoa). This is a light and tasty meal so that you can give her a little dinner but not so much that she it too full and uncomfortable. As far as drinks are concerned lets try to keep it classy, you don't want her sloppy drunk throwing up on your couch. This should be a smooth night so pick something that you both can drink all night and not get too sloppy. My go to drink in this case would be either Moet & Chandon Imperial Rose, Italian Amarone Wine ( Brand of your choice) or Gin & Tonic. Either of these drinks along with a light meal will be the perfect precursor to the night.

Finally, I'm sure you are wondering "OK how will I entertain her". Well this is the best part of the night, this is where your gentlemanly skills shall be put to the test. I'm sure a few of you may be thinking about popping in a chick flick and seeing where the night takes you after a few drinks. I'll say to you that you are batshit crazy. Don't you ever, ever, ever pop that movie in. One of the things you learn as a gentlemen is that the best tool at your disposal is your conversation, use it. Engage her, find out about her likes, dislikes, her future, what she loves, if she likes animals, her favorite color etc. Then tell her about yourself, without coming off as cocky or obnoxious. Be vulnerable, but not soft. Don't make this night typical, make this night magical and you will reap the benefits of a great romantic evening.

Hope this was helpful, Until next time.


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