Friday, December 28, 2012

Finding The One

Don't try to find the one. If you are reading this thinking I was gonna tell you how to find the one, I wont. That isn't nearly as important as what you should be doing. What you should focus on is making sure you are completely stable and prepared in your life so that once that person comes around you wont mess it up. Some of you may have found the one, that is wonderful for you guys but for the rest of us this is something that is frequently on our minds. As bad as you want that person, sometimes you aren't ready or even worse they aren't ready for you. With that being said look at your life this way, if you haven't found the one yet dedicate your life to becoming the best person you can be. With this new found dedication to your life and your life's work, you will find that you will be more prepared for that person when the opportunity arises.


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