Saturday, December 29, 2012

Text Messaging Ruining Your Connection With Someone

Maybe its me but I am becoming less and less of  a fan of text messaging as a primary source of communication with someone you care about. I feel like if you care about someone then you should try to call them and talk to them more often. When you text it leaves too much to decipher and decode through the words someone might say. The raw emotions you get when you hear the tone and the way someone speaks is non existent in text messaging. Someone could be happy, mad, or sad and its truly hard to tell how they really feel through text. Text messaging in my opinion can you distant from someone you care about. Just think about the way people use texting nowadays, some people use it to say things they wont say face to face. The chemistry and feeling of knowing someone can easily fade if all you do is text. Texting can detach you from whats going on in a persons life, the words you read are nothing like the words you can hear someone speak. If you care about someone you should try to pick up the phone and talk to that person for 5 minutes out of your day, you will notice a difference in how it makes you and that person feel.


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