Friday, December 28, 2012

Guy Code: Hooking Up With Your Bestfriends Ex

Welcome to the first installment of "The Guy Code". We will discuss all of the do's and don'ts in the code of ethics of a guy. Sometimes we lose our way and need to be put back on track. The Guy Code will do just that. So let's begin

OK we all have had those moments when we meet one of our best friend's girlfriend. The saddest part about this whole experience is that within seconds of meeting that girl our first thought isn't "She is a nice girl, I hope she does right by my friend". Our first thoughts if she is attractive is " I would have sex with her." As time pasts and you realize your friend has moved on to another girl, you may wonder is it alright to hook up with your friends ex. Now this is a natural feeling, but acting on it can be a very tricky and slippery slope. The short answer to this is Yes and No. Here are a few tips if you ever want to embark on hooking up with your friends ex girlfriend.

  • 5-6 month rule.
If your friend has been with the girl more than 5-6 months then you are treading in dangerous waters hooking up with her. You almost never want to hook up with this girl, he has so much history with her that you will most definitely start a problem.

  • Timing is everything. 
The sting of hooking up with your friends ex girl wont hurt as bad if you wait long enough for him to either move on to the next girl or not care as much. Granted, in some cases you can wait 20 years and your friend will still be pissed but some guys move on.

  • Be honest with your friend. 
Sneaking around trying to hook up with your buddy's ex will get you both thrown out of his life or even worse start an altercation. To avoid all of this just ask him, what he doesn't know wont hurt him doesn't apply in this case. He will eventually find out from one of you and then it all goes to hell.

Hopefully these ideas help but there is something you should always remember. In some cases it is never alright to hook up with your best friends ex. Men are emotionally unstable as much as we like to act like we are not. Hooking up with your buds ex could be a blow to his ego that your friendship won't be able to recover from. Always keep in mind that you are risking your friendship.


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