Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Best Places To Go On a First Date

So you've finally done it. The girl you have been thinking about for months finally gave you a shot and its time for the first date. But there's a problem, now that you have this date you don't know where to take her. Here is the best spots to go for a first date.

IMPORTANT TIP! : Don't go to a movie. You could go to the movies with your mom and get the same affection you would get from a girl if you go to the movies. The movies are too impersonal and don't allow you to get to know the girl. The movies are like the cop out for the guy with no ideas.

Take her to a winery. Depending on what kind of girl you are dealing with the fact that you are taking her to a winery and it being your idea will fucking astound her. Depending on who you are it might astound you, but trust me when I say this is one of the perfect places to get to know a person. Aside from the winemakers there who will assist you this is pretty much one on one action with you and the girl. And if you know anything about wine you can flex your intellectual prowess. She will gladly take your lead.

Go to an art gallery. Now fellas, I must warn you. Do not go to the art gallery with a girl if you don't "really" like her. Why you ask? Well art galleries are a very intimate experience if you haven't been to one. A good art gallery isn't very loud at all, its about a notch above a library. With that setting in mind it gives you the opportunity to talk very little which means the things you say will be of importance, and use a lot of body language essentially you will lead her through the gallery. Art has a way of opening the portals to our soul, you will get reactions and emotions out of her that you wont get on any other kind of date. Use the art gallery wisely.

Go to a sushi restaurant. The sushi restaurant is the home run date, you are almost guaranteed to have fun going to a good sushi restaurant. If you know anything about Japanese customs then you know the sushi dinner experience is fun, exciting and intimate. If you wanna keep a girl smiling and keep the conversation(and the sake bombs) flowing then take her on a good sushi dinner date. Find out where the most happening sushi restaurants are and go for it. You will be happy with the results.


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