Tuesday, December 11, 2012

College Guys Guide To Champagne

If you are in college and never have had champagne before then no worries I got you covered. There is nothing like the expression you see on peoples face at a party when you pop the cork on a bottle of champagne while everyone else is drinking beer. The truth of the matter is that champagne is a symbolic drink in popular culture, it symbolizes celebration, sophistication, and fun. Champagne can also help you get the girls.... but that's for another time. Here are the top 5 champagnes for the college guy.

5. ANDRE( Approx 10$)
Andre may be the perfect beginners champagne. The cost is low for the money conscious, and the taste is great and doesn't take a champagne aficionado to appreciate.

Barefoot is a well known brand in college circles. This company also produces a quality wine. In regards to taste this is just a step or two up from the Andre brand. The price is similar and its a good bang for your buck.

3. BALLATORE(Approx 11$)
The first thing you may notice about this is that it is referred to as "sparkling wine". Thats because Champagne comes exclusively from the region of France. Champagne is also a sparkling wine but only brands that come from France can truly be considered a champagne. Essentially they are the same just varying in quality and region. With that said this brand may be the cheapest and best tasting you will find anywhere. If you try this one first you will not be disappointed.

2. MOET & CHANDON IMPERIAL (Approx 38-50$)
This is where it gets fun. You have graduated from the beginner brands and have acquired a certain thirst for excellence. This champagne will instantly make you the toast of the town. The price may be a bit steep for a college student so this may be only for special occasions but the taste is exquisite.

1. VEUVE CLICQUOT BRUT (Approx 50-60$)
There is none higher than this. This is the cheapest kind of this prestigious brand and it is nothing short of sheer excellence. The taste is perfect, for its price this is perfection. As a college guy if you show up with this to a party or if you treat a nice young lady out to a date and order this.... Angels will applaud you from heaven.


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