Sunday, December 16, 2012

Friends With Benefits Pt. 1

Part One: This is a topic that has been debated for ages. For the sake of argument ill say that results will vary when embarking on this journey. Some will end good, some will end bad, and some will end down right ugly. A lot of  us think we are mentally capable to deal with a friends with benefits relationship but the truth is most of us cant. The most damning statement we all say about this kind of relationship is that it's easy and we could handle it, this is laughable. Friends with benefits are more complex than real relationships. The fact that he/she isn't officially dating you leaves too much room for discrepancy of what are the do's and dont's of the relationship, even if you set rules. Friends with benefits  relationships can be beautiful but most of them are mishandled. What happens is one of the two partners develops feelings that the other partner doesn't share mutually. Feelings and emotions that are not mutually shared with the other partner can cause heart break, confusion and the eventual demise of the relationship. So if you feel yourself getting too emotionally attached to your friend with benefits and that person isn't feeling the same about the relationship then BACK OFF, at least just a bit or you will lose that person. If you are seeing this person more than 3 days a week, texting them daily, going on intimate dates and buying gifts then you are committing a first degree offense in the friends with benefits handbook. Part two coming soon...


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