Monday, December 24, 2012

Mastering The Art Of Pleasing A Woman

This is not a "How To" article, the is more so an idea being posed. These words are not from a man who has mastered the art but more so from a man who is eager and ready to learn. I have always been fascinated with women and how to make them happy, but not until recently have I understood why. As a man and especially as someone who aspires to one day be considered a true gentlemen, the ultimate gift you could ever receive on earth is a satisfied woman. Men think about it all the time but very few care to put in the work, very few even bother themselves with the intricacies of a woman. I have dealt with love once before and I have also dealt with lust, in all of those instances once they are done I always wonder what I could do or have done to give that woman the best experience she has ever had with a man. This isn't about sex, this is much more deep and complex than that. This is about knowing your woman inside and out then acting accordingly to what you know, and what you feel. Granted, this is not something that you can pick up overnight. This is something that comes through attentive experience, being around a woman, letting her know she is special to you and treating her like she is the only woman on earth you could see yourself with.... AND MEAN IT!. Sometimes I feel like we get so caught up in being apart of the scene and being with more than one woman that we miss what is right in our face. After, all isn't the end result to find someone you can be with and who you can trust forever? I challenge any man who loves a woman or is seriously courting one to courageously embark on a journey of excellence aiming to please her mind, body and soul. From experience I ask that you be mindful that not all women are worthy nor receptive to this so I hope you choose one who is. If you haven't found her yet then be sure to present yourself in a desirable manner so that one day you too can find her and experience this feeling. Some men may be thinking "Why would I do all of that?" Well, what you have to understand is that a real woman is ready for this. Women are naturally more loyal and loving than most men are to them, so if you can present yourself to them like this then the benefits will be tenfold. The power and true love of a woman is the greatest accomplishment in the world for a man. All of your life's work after the fact will immensely benefit from the reciprocation of this love to all of your senses. This love will make you quicker, stronger, faster than you have ever been. This love will make you smarter, loyal, caring, and more understanding and in tune with the earth. All of the qualities you have ever wanted as a man will be at disposal because of this love. This love will give you confidence, this love will give you true power.


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