Friday, December 14, 2012

The Girl Who Doesn't Wear Leggings.

To all those girls who love their leggings a little too much, your worst nightmare is the girl who doesn't wear them. If you have a boyfriend then blindfold him when you walk past her, if you have a guy you are interested in then don't let him see this girl. She is the kryptonite to any man who dates a girl who wears leggings just a little bit too much. Are you ready for the truth ladies? As much as we like those form fitting love pants, subconsciously we prefer the women who don't always wear them. There is nothing like a women who is confident and well dressed. This may be a revelation to you but the thing is men will act one way yet think another way. We may see a pretty girl who fills out her leggings beautifully, in our minds we are thinking "I want to have sex with her" On the side we may see a girl who is well dressed and just as beautiful as the girl in the leggings and even though we will undoubtedly think about sex( men think about sex about 98.99999% of the time) Our subconscious will eventually kick in and say to us "that's a girl i'd like to date/marry/take home to mama). 


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