Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Revival Of The Gentlemen Part 1

General consensus tells you that most people feel like "Chivalry is DEAD" and that for the most part men are nothing more than mindless beer drinking baboons at this point who don't know how to treat a lady. What if I told you that a shift is coming? That a changing of the guard is on its way? Yes ladies, fear not but times are changing. There are men who through art, culture, education and experience have become enlightened and realized that one of the most important things you could ever do in this life as a man is to get a woman to truly believe that you are not "just like every other guy". This idea goes beyond just opening a door for a woman or taking her out for a nice dinner. I'm talking taking care of the needs of her mind, body, and soul. Being someone she wholeheartedly can say she trusts. Somewhere along the line I feel like we all lost perspective of what is important in life. Personally I feel like when I meet women its my job to be as kind, understanding and as helpful as I possibly can in most circumstances. I don't do this because I want to have sex with them, to be honest I may not even be attracted to them. But I feel it's my duty as a man and as a human being to be a vessel of love and positive energy to all I come in contact with.

Ladies, I know what you are thinking. "Where the hell are all of these guys at?" Well to be honest, I talk to them everyday. Although they are and want to be the guy women dream of it seems like the good girl and the gentlemen. In my opinion the best way to meet someone like this ladies is to be open minded to guys when they speak and change the places you meet them at. Go to a library, a bookstore, charity event, maybe there is someone you like at work or maybe... just maybe you know that guy right now and you haven't gave him the chance. Either way be prepared we are on the rise.


Thickcurlgurl70 said...

Men have to start being themselves more often. NOT all women want the bad guy; although it may seem that way. We do want the guy that will stimulate us and more importantly makes us feel secure, wanted & SEXY.

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