Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jealous Heart, Envious Heart

Jealousy and Envy can be more powerful than love, more powerful than standing armies. The thoughts produced by these two emotions have the power to ruin your life if left uncontrolled. We all have insecurities which are the root of jealousy and envy. The best of us learn to tame these thoughts of jealous and envious nature, because in the end all they are is thoughts. The mind is all powerful and taming it is where our true power lies. Taming your jealousy and envious thought will bring a certain freedom to your life. When your mind is in a confusion state it is hard to get work done or think creatively. Instead of being vibrant and open you become trapped in the jails of your mind. The jealous heart and the envious heart is the most miserable of existence. Control these thoughts and your life will benefit.


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