Monday, January 7, 2013

Jungle Fever Pt. 2: Meet The Parents

Meet The Parents

One of the most nerve racking moments in any persons love life is meeting their lovers parents. This is an experience shrouded in doubt and uncertainty and puts a lot of pressure on the lovers. What puts an even higher stress level on this event is the thought of not being accepted because of discrimination to your race. Interracial couples face this dynamic all the time when meeting parents. In interracial dating the stigmas and stereotypes placed on a person because of their race can be intensified to the maximum when meeting the parents. Most parents can be considered "old fashioned" so the idea that their children aren't following suit can disturb them and make them uncomfortable. In a lot of cases a parents disapproval of a relationship can be a deal breaker. No one wants to feel unwanted by a persons family if they are in a committed relationship, for this reason interracial relationships can die before they even flourish. In my opinion if you are dealing with parents who aren't accepting because of your mates race then you and your mate should have a serious talk. If your relationship is real love and not just a hook up then you should make sure the communication in your lives is masterful. The stronger the connection between you two, the less that the parents disapproval will matter. You may learn an immense amount of things from your parents, but what you shouldn't learn is how to hate a race or pre judge from them. No matter what you may have been taught, you must fight racist and prejudice ideals.


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