Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jungle Fever Pt. 3: What Society Thinks

What Society Thinks
What if the man/woman of your dreams is of a different race than you?. The person that understands you wholeheartedly and is the yin to your yang, what if that person is from a different country and background?. One of the greatest barriers to a successful interracial relationship or any relationship is the pressures society may put on you. Whether it be your friends, parents,or peers they all can have an immense effect on your relationship. Society tells us that if most people aren't doing something then no one should be doing it. For that reason the thought of being with someone who isn't the same race as you is looked down upon based on societal norms. For example, there may be a white girl/guy interested in a black guy/girl or another guy/girl of color. Their friends may not be as open as they are thus causing a rift in between the perception they have of their mate. These outsourced influences are pivotal and important to the potential of a relationship and it also furthers stereotypes and misconceptions of race. One of the most important choices you will have in life is the choice to love who you wish to love. You must be brave and unyielding in the face of ignorance, it is the only way. Society will tell you what they want you to do and who they want you to be. It is up to you to be who you want to be and standing bravely in the choice you make as to who you wish to love is crucial to the meaning of your existence. 


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