Thursday, January 3, 2013

Spicing Up The Relationship: A Two Way Street

I've been talking to a lot of guys lately who have had bad luck with girls. The common thread among these gentlemen were that their girls all left them for similar reasons. That particular reason had been that the girl was getting bored with them and wanted to see something new. This happens to a lot of guys and it got me to start thinking. If girls constantly leave guys because they want more spice in their lives then why don't they initiate it first. This goes back to my theory that girls are kings and guys are the jesters that entertain them. Unless a girl is desperate or it is in their personality rarely would you see one that initiates that spark or spice in the relationship first. For that reason if a guy doesn't spice things up she could leave him from boredom. Has it ever occurred to them that if you wanted the best results then both sides would participate in adding that extra spice to their lives. Guys are very receptive to what a girl does to them. If you start turning things up a notch with your guy, then his competitive nature will kick in and try to one-up you. Any good guy who is invested in a relationship wants to please his mate. So with that said ladies you must always remember "If you give, then you shall receive".


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