Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Duffel

Duffel bags are awesome. There is nothing like a good duffel that fits your style to really set off your entire wardrobe. Duffel bags can be cool, stylish and they are a good place to put all of your day to day manly goods. I advise any man who doesn't have a duffel bag to invest in a good one. Here are some of my favorite duffel bags.

Urban Outfitters X Filson Duffel

This is a good duffel bag and is versatile with any mans style. This duffel comes in a few different colors and is a very durable bag. 

Ralph Lauren Nylon Duffel

This bag may be a bit pricey for some but its worth its price. This is from a respectable brand that makes durable products, and this bag personifies style and cool.

Calvin Klein Duffel Bag Brown

This bag is not as pricey as the others but this is a great value bag. If you need a starter bag this is the one. Great bag. Great value

Louis Vuitton Damier Duffel

I know you may be thinking this is too much for a bag, but honestly this one of the bags all gentlemen aspire to have. This bag is stylish, cool, luxurious. Everything you could want in a duffel is in this bag. 

That's it guys, I hope this was helpful on your journey to finding a good duffel.


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