Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gentlemen's Choice: The Women

Celebrity women in general are highly attractive women, to narrow it down to a few is something no one should ever be forced to attempt(Wink Wink!). However this list of 5 compiled is the favorites among gentlemen in America.

5. Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington is all sorts of hot, always has been and always will. But now all of a sudden with her recent success on the sliverscreen(DJANGO) and her primetime television hit "Scandal" everyone is beginning to notice what a beauty she truly is.

4. Eva Mendes
Septimiu Evamendes You May Lo Vogue
I have never heard a human being on the planet say that they didnt not like Eva Mendes. Simply put she is a consensus pick over the years for sheer hotness.

3. Sofia Vergara
Maybe its her accent, maybe its her curves. Whatever it is Sofia Vergara provokes alot of strong emotions out of men. 

2. Natalie Portman
There is a certain hotness associated with Natalie Portman that you can only describe as a gift from a source higher than ourselves. She is smoking hot and at the age of 31 will only get better... Like a wine.

1. Beyonce'
I mean... Who else would it be?


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