Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Gifted

If it were told from the masses then you would believe talent is only attained as a gift. That throughout the onslaught of people who enter and exit this world only a few are chosen to rise above all. The haunting secret of the talented or THE GIFTED is that they realize the relentless work and energy put into their craft to make them appear godly among mortals. To what heights do you wish to ascend to? What greatness are you willing to reach and how tirelessly are you willing to work at it? Life isnt not just a mere game of whose blessed and whose not, that would make things too simple. Tell that to a kid from the inner cities of Chicago, Detroit or New York who start off with NOTHING... Life is about THE GIFTED, those who understand their talents and realize that the work isnt done. Those who not only wish to succeed but to bring the world to its knees. Theres many great things to aspire to but can accomplish them? Can you inspire the inspired? Are you THE GIFTED?


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