Monday, December 17, 2012

Beware Of The Man Eater Pt.1

Believe it or not fellas, there are women out here that lust for your heartache. She will be intoxicatingly beautiful maybe even the best looking woman you have ever been with in your life. She will be gentle, she will be nice, and the worst part is that you wont see her coming. She will just smack you across the head with boyish lust and leave you with heartache that will last for months, maybe years. This is what we like to call a "Man Eater" and fellas she is your worst nightmare. Everyone always talks about womanizers and how they are bad but they couldn't hold a candle to a true man eater. Men have the most fragile egos, an encounter with a man eater could ruin his psyche and confidence. This kind of woman is so dangerous because of her kindness. Guys can be so easily tricked with the kindness of a women, the man eater knows this and capitalizes off of male weaknesses. One minute you are punch drunk in love, the next minute you are picking up the pieces of your heart in dismay wondering what the hell happened. How can you tell what woman is a man eater? Part two coming soon...


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