Monday, December 17, 2012

Dinner Dates: Chicago


This place should be on "top 10 places to eat before you die" let alone a dinner date spot. Dinner at the Grand Lux with someone you are trying to impress is a slam dunk waiting happen. This is one of places that does the work for you when you go out on a date. From the beautiful scenery to the flat out delicious food this is one of the most happening spots in the city. Did I mention the food was good? Well, the food is good! There is so many things to try from on the menu that you literally cant go wrong. This restaurant is in the heart of the city which lends itself to a bit of sight seeing and architecture appreciation after the dinner, or maybe even a night on the town. If you are in Chicago and you are looking for a place to have a good dinner date 
then look no further.


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