Thursday, December 20, 2012

College Guys Guide To Premium Vodka

When you are in college the first alcoholic beverage you are introduced to most likely is vodka, the qualities may vary. Vodka seems to be the most popular of the spirits among young adults all over the country even though many of us don't really know what are the best vodkas out there. Today a bring to you the College Guys Guide To Premium Vodka.


I was introduced to this by a good friend of mine, if you are gonna buy cheap vodka then buy good cheap vodka. Hands down this is the undisputed champion of the cheap vodka, if you are looking for cheap quality vodka and you buy anything else you are cheating yourself.


Absolut is one of those vodkas with a good name a unique taste. With so many flavors to choose from and a reasonable price this is definitely a good choice.


If you put Finlandia in any other high quality vodkas bottle you wont be able to tell the difference. Seriously this a gem and those who drink it understand that I'm giving away a secret. If you don't want to spend alot of money and still want great vodka this should be primary brand you look to.


Grey Goose is very popular in college circles. This vodka is extremely smooth and capable to mix with anything. Grey Goose is the vodka you purchase for a fun night out on the town.

Belvedere is money well spent. This is a great vodka and is one of the top shelf vodkas in all of the world. This vodka mixes really although with top shelf vodkas you shouldn't really be mixing them. If you are a connoisseur of good vodka this is a must.


This is my be the most popular vodka in america to date. Ciroc is like the pretty girl and college that everyone wants to hook up with. This vodka is incredibly smooth and at 5 times distilled you cant even taste the alcohol taste that vodkas are famous for. Great choice for any kind of night.


This is as good as it gets. Chopin which is pronounced SHO-PEN was a very close number one with Belvedere. This vodka just flat out has the best taste and the most crisp flavors you will find, it is also very easy to mix. If you want to know what the best tastes like then you should definitely give this a try.

So next time you go out try one of these fine brands and let me know what you think.


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