Saturday, December 15, 2012

Executing The Perfect Date

There is so much pressure in being a man. In regards to dating I liken the man vs. women dynamic to the relationship between the King and a jester. The King(Woman) just sits in his chair as the jester(Man) entertains him. Like it or not guys when it comes to dating women naturally and willfully become submissive and take the backseat. Women want to be amazed and entertained on dates, you essentially have to do most if not all the work and execute it to near perfection or subconsciously women will start deducting points from their mental scorecard. Here are some tips to maintaining your chances of keeping a woman happy on a date.

Pick a good place to go on a date. If you pick a good spot to go out to dinner or have a fun night planned then you have won half the battle. As long as you have a good date planned then you have less of a daunting task to pleasing the girl. 

Plan the conversation. I know this might sound corny but this is in some cases the hardest thing for guys to do. You may not need to plan the entire conversation but you should at least have a template of what you want to say in case the conversation gets stale. Awkward silences and stale conversation is unacceptable on the perfect date.

As a matter of fact don't even insinuate it. One of the cardinal rules in the gentleman's handbook is to never mention sex on dates, not even if she mentions it. Sex talk on dates especially when you have never had sex with the girl is the tightest of tight ropes you will ever walk on. The conversation always has the possibility to get weird and uncomfortable. 

Remember to stay gentlemen like and never lose composure, these steps are a good way to execute a perfect date.

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