Friday, December 14, 2012

There Is No Reason To Like A Girl's Facebook Photo

Well, I guess we all have been victim to it. There is no way around this guys, we must immediately cease all liking, commenting or sharing of any photos and statuses of girls. This is the only way to get our dignity back as a civilized species. Think about it, what benefit do you really get after you like a girl's photo? ..... ill wait...... OK, don't all of you speak at one time. As men we are committing manhood suicide and character defamation. Most of the time the girls whose pictures we like don't even know us at all. This hurts our case even more because when the girl looks in her notifications box and see your name she thinks "who the F#%k is this creep liking my photos?". There is also the classic "add a hot girl from my school and try to get to know her on the Internet before i get to know her in real life routine". Yea that works too, NOT!. Fellas if you think that is gonna work then let me ask you this... When you are creeping through her photos and notice that one consistent guy in her photos she is all hugged up with do you ever wonder how many comments or likes he has left on her page? If the end goal is to obtain the woman then what guys are doing on Facebook is completely negating the objective.


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