Friday, December 21, 2012

Gentlemans guide to used cars

Guest Writer- Nicholas Budka
                Being a automotive enthusiast since an early age, people ask me all the time for my opinion when buying a car. They'll say “I have X amount of money….need a daily driver…ect ect..” Unfortunately, for most of the people who ask me many of them disregard my advice and end up buying a the wrong car (kinda similar to buying a Timex watch for the price of a Rolex when they could have had a Rolex). These people then proceed to complain to me later about how they would like a new car or the car they bought…just doesn't “fit them”. So besides all the analogies and quotation marks I am here to save you/ help you/ change your life if you heed my advice. Below I Divided cars up into categories of price and have written a little information for you to start with. Each one will have some information about it to help you and have these 4 key characteristics.

1) Compliment your suit 
2) Be fun to drive 
3) Drop her unmentionables(just kidding... kinda)
4) KEEP MONEY IN YOUR WALLET! (because we all know you still have wine to buy and a meal to pay for. And yes, most of these are European made, hint: you want a car to look as good inside as it does outside. Plus women love European cars (you’ll thank me later). For all these make sure you do your research on each including…and possibly most importantly normal things that go wrong and need to be fixed on them.


1994 -99 BMW E36 325i/ M3
Anything BMW is usually very safe for coolness level, like many of the cars I’m recommending buy in a Manual. If you consider yourself a man, this should be one thing you should learn how to do in your lifetime. So why not now .               
PS: The 325i model is fine and all, But if you’re going to buy an E36 BMW..might as well buy the M3 which is the benchmark performance sedan since it was introduced.


2001-06 BMW E46, 325i/ci
     Like the 94-99 you cannot go wrong with a Bimmer, Get a coupe if all possible because it is that much cooler.

2003-2007 Saab 9-3/linear/arc/aero
     A very overlooked brand, nice interiors and also a lot of GM parts inside so parts are easy to find.  PS:avoid 2003 models.

2003-2006 B6 AUDI A4
     Again, great looking car. All wheel drive so good in the snow quick and great interior. Either the 1.8T engine or the 3.0 V6 is a good choice.

Porsche Boxster 97-2000s
                     Wait…a Porsche…for this little money? Yes you too can have a Porsche. And one that wont break the bank. Great car, smaller so be prepared to squeeze (but with a girl next to you is that all that bad?). PS: it is known that the engine degrades over time so either look for ones with new Cylinder heads/ engine swap/ low miles/regular maintenance. Also some better ones can be found for a little more money.


E46 BMW M3
     Fantastic car, great looking and fast. Find one unmodified or tastefully modified and you will have fun for ages all while looking and feeling great.

Audi B6 S4
 Just like the BMW above this is the high performance version of  the same models in last price range. This one comes with a 300+hp V8 all wheel drive and a killer interior.

My last thought: In regards to the $9000-15,000 price range there are many, many, many cool cars you can find now a days in that range don’t be afraid to look and do a lot of research, it will all pay off.

Happy hunting, and I hope this helped


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