Saturday, December 22, 2012

Girl Talk: "I Need Space" "I'm Finding Myself"

The worst thing you could possibly hear as a guy from a girl that you like is "I need space." or, "I need time to find myself".This is honestly two of the most humorous yet saddest phrases in a woman's lexicon. Not only are these phrases misleading, but they signal that something is coming that you really don't want as a man if you care for the woman. Here is the breakdown.

The "I need space" routine is the most commonly used of the two terms, and if you hear this one fellas you might still have a chance to keep your dignity intact. I need space is translation for 4 things, " Things have gotten stale and I don't like you anymore and this is the nicest way to say it," "I think you are a nice guy but not someone who I could really see myself with," "we had fun but I want to move on to bigger and better things," or........ maybe she actually does need space. If you are hoping that the girl you like really does need space and it isn't that she wants to be done with you then you have to tune out everything she says to you about the situation no matter how nice it is, instead you must pay attention to her actions. If after the "I need space" conversation she continues to text you, call you, or is curious about your whereabouts all upon her free will and not because you initiated it, then you might still have a chance. Sometimes girls mean what they say and the worst thing you can do is smother her in an attempt to get her back. The other three translations are a death sentence, something happens in relationships with women from time to time and a switch clicks in their mind. You might not know when that switch clicks right then, it may take months, maybe a few months, but when that switch clicks they are counting down to the perfect time to let you go nicely. I need space is the culmination of that feeling they have been brewing for you.

Note: If you hear this fellas then be prepared to sever all ties with this woman, she is definitely ready to do that with you.
This phrase is down right evil, this is what you never, ever, ever need to hear. Although "I need time to find myself" is a minor variation from "I need space" the key to this term is that the woman wants to test the waters with other men. If you have heard this before then this can only mean two things, "I want to see what other men have to offer and being with you isn't letting me do that." or "There is another guy I have my eye on that appeals to me more than you".

What makes this phrase so horrible is twofold. For one, if you really liked the woman or maybe even loved her you are gonna have to come to grips with the fact she will be seeing other men and dare I say having sex with another man. Second, she just might want you back after she "found herself"(had sex with another man) which means that upon consideration of taking her back you have to battle with your mind about being with a woman you once had who left you to go screw other men then come back to you when she realized that being with you was the right choice after all. This is especially a tough pill to swallow for any man and thus makes this the harshest of the two phrases. On the other hand the girl may never come back to you, but if she does then rarely will she come back without "exploring" other men.

This is a very huge topic that I'm sure people battle with all the time. Women are tricky so rarely when they say phrases like this do they mean what they say, it's our job to decode it. One thing is for certain though, hearing these words certainly isn't a good thing.


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