Sunday, December 23, 2012

College Guys Guide To Not Being A Creep On Facebook

Good lord, I tell you this is one of the things that just doesn't sit well with me about social networking. Facebook has become a creepers dream and a girls nightmare. Worst part about it is some of you don't even know that you are Facebook creeping. Nowadays I'm seeing more and more flagrant acts of  Facebook creeping and I felt it was the right time to address it. Here are the top ways to avoid obtaining the dreaded label of Facebook creep.

Add New Girls To A Minimum
Some of you are adding Facebook friends left and right. Try to keep this at a minimum because you must remember you don't know most of these girls. You should be just as weary about adding anyone to your page as the girl is.

No Picture Hunting
Listen, If you have went past the one month maybe two month mark on her pictures than you are creeping, and creeping hard. There is no reason to be snooping around in some girl who you don't know picture albums. If you have done it and you have any dignity never do it again.

No Obscene Statuses
This may be the easiest way for a girl to verify a creep on Facebook before he does anything creepy. Do not post statuses about sex or some kind of lewd behavior. This isn't impressive and you will be placed on the creep list immediately.

No Messages
Let me preface this comment by saying that this past week I have messaged girls I normally wouldn't, but I spoke to them strictly about business and left it at that. Messaging is weak and takes away from actually talking to the girl (yea talking to girls still exist). The easiest way guys screw up is messaging a girl you have never met some extremely creepy messages insinuating sex or how pretty a girl is. This makes ladies extremely uncomfortable and kills any chances you ever could have had with her.

Please guys, for me. Never like a girls Facebook photo, you are apart of the problem with these girls taking a ridiculous amount of pictures in the first place. Never, ever, ever like a girls photo, for no reason. Try it for a week and tell me how you feel. We could save the planet if guys stopped liking photos. These girls would see that we don't want them to be taking sexy photos all day and we would much rather see them doing something of more importance with  their lives thus making a better woman.

 In conclusion, I need all creepers to retire. I urge every male reading this to take a stand, no matter how hot you think she is try to not like one photo for a week. Try not to send out flirting messages. Try not to add any girls. You will be surprise how great you feel in the end.


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