Sunday, December 23, 2012

What To Buy Your Girlfriend: Christmas and Beyond

Christmas is 2 days way, if you haven't found your girlfriend a gift you might be in trouble. But just in case you are doing some last minute scrambling I got you covered. Keep in mind that this list isn't necessarily for the holidays but more so for anytime you feel like doing something special for your girlfriend. Some of you guys have great women in your life and you should treat them well for being there for you. Here is the list of the top things to buy your girlfriend.


Victoria's Secret gift cards work in two ways for us fellas. Not only will you eliminate the chance of getting her something she won't like, but you will also guarantee that your woman will be getting some sexy new lingerie for you to see her in.


Girls love shoes so much I'm starting to think its in their DNA. Shoes are always a great choice IF! you get the right ones. Make sure you know what kind of shoes and what styles of shoe your girl likes.


Just like shoes knowing what kind of perfume and what kind clothes your girlfriend likes is key to making this a success. You might to ask your girlfriend from time to time what she likes and take a mental note.


Women adore jewelry, all kinds of jewelry in fact. Learn your woman, find out her style and get her the right kind of jewelry.


Spa days are just a grand treat, perfect way to relax and relieve tension. Find a good spa near you and set her up a spa date for her and her best friend. That way she'll have company and who knows maybe they will talk about how great you are all day.


Romantic trips for just the two of you are as good as it gets. This is a perfect time for you two to get away, relax, and grow stronger as a couple. Pick a romantic place warm or romantic( like Hawaii or France) and set up a wonderful weekend for you the two of you. This will be assuredly a time the both of you will never forget.

Hopefully this was helpful and lets not forget that there are always gonna be sentimental gifts that I can't determine, only you can. The key is to pay attention to your woman. If she is special then she deserves that.

Special to my great friend and sister Bebe Booth who helped me with this article. Follow her on twitter at this link Bebe Booth .


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