Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Top Music Festivals To Find Cool People To Date

Some of you are like me. You go to 2 or 3 music festivals a year. Some of you are also like me in regards to the fact you love dating a cool person. Well while you are looking for your next music festival to overtake here are the top 3 to consider when you are not only looking for a cool music but cool people to date.

3. Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF)
The Detroit Electronic Music Festival is the kinda place you meet drugged up electro and hipster chicks who have colorful hair and wear black or purple nail polish. This is also the kinda of place you meet drugged up electro and hipster guys who have colorful hair and wear black or purple nail polish. If that's your thing then look no further than DEMF.

2. Lollapalooza
Lollapalooza is located in Chicago. If you know anything about the city then you would know that the place is consumed with high cultured hippy/artsy chicks to begin with. In regards to the fellas most of them are cultural enough to understand the depth of a extremely cool and smart girl. Now add that to the fact you have one of the largest music festivals on the planet going on at the same time and you get a prime selection of cultured and cool guys, and a all you can eat(no pun intended) buffet of the coolest chicks this side of the galaxy.

1. Coachella
In your search for cool people to date if you ever questioned God this festival will assuredly restore your faith. Located in Indio, California in the California Desert this festival is a spectacle unto itself. Why is this the best festival to meet cool people you ask? Two key reasons. Coachella routinely brings in the best talent. Coachella has had Prince on stage for God's sake. Coolest performers equates to getting the coolest people to come out. Most importantly though.... It's California. Which means, CALIFORNIA GIRLS(meshed in with girls who do a good impression of them) ..... and guys looking for them. If you want to find some of the coolest people on the planet look no further than Coachella.


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