Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Developing Good Taste In Art

I know you, you want to love art. You want to be able to tell the difference between artist like Banksy and ABOVE. I talk to people all the time who say they want to get into art but don't know how to find it. Here is a few tips to becoming that savvy individual you always dreamed you could be.

Art Blogs: Think about it. Since I mentioned Banksy and ABOVE curious minds will go do research on them. Blogs are a good way to broaden your horizons artistically.

Befriend Your Local Artist. Whether you are in school or you are a working guy/gal there is someone you see or meet at somewhat of a normal frequency who is an artist or is rather artistic and unique. ASK THEM QUESTIONS. There are things they will say or know that you may have never even thought of. These conversations will open your world and get your brain working in the right direction.

ART GALLERIES, ART GALLERIES... AND MORE ART GALLERIES. Face it guys, if you really wanna get into art you are gonna have to do the dirty work. That means getting off your butt and going out to places. There are showings at galleries that take place all the time. It doesn't take much searching, maybe a few clicks on Google. The satisfaction you will feel going to an art gallery and the knowledge you will gain will be immense. The only true way to get into the scene is to... get into the scene. There is an art world out there waiting for you to uncover, its up to you to get it.

GOODIES: I wouldn't leave you without any gems so here are some good sites to get you rolling on your artistic journey.

3 GOOD Street Art Blogs


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