Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How To Meet The Good Girl In College

You dream about her everyday. What her name would be. What she might wear. How she would walk. How she would talk. But there is an important step all men must take before actually meeting that perfect girl,which is ....... Knowing where to find her. Make no mistake good girls aren't just falling out of trees as you walk to the gym to workout. Here are a few steps all good guys should take to help them find the good girl in college.

10. First thing you must do before you can find a good girl is to present yourself in a manner most accepted by good women. Meaning, you must be kind and respectful. You must have ambition and, you must have a sense of humor. Those three things can go a long way in helping you land a good catch.

9. Dress well. Now I'm not saying you have to wear Tom Ford suits to class. But, women notice if guys are neat or not.

8. Grooming. Some of us guys have long hair. Some have short. Some of us have beards. Some of us don't. Either way maintaining these things and keeping them well groomed is essential to attracting the interest of a good girl.

7. Don't be "that guy". You know that guy that stands on the couch at the party and yells drunken obscene things at people. Everyone hates a show off, especially girls. Although you may think that if you act that way girls will notice you are failing to realize that they will notice you for the wrong reasons.

6. Watch your figure. We've all fell victim to the dreaded "Freshman 15". But at some point the Freshman 15 can become the "I just stop caring". I'm not saying you have to be model-esque by any means but showing that you are just a tad fit couldn't harm you in your search.

OK Guys its Halftime. If you haven't been paying attention yet this is where it gets crucial.

5. Be social. How do you think you are ever gonna meet a girl if you never go where the girls are.... and talk to them. You must get out here whether it be at the cafeteria or a sporting event and show your face. "Be nice and Be seen".

4. Know where to look. The girls that are the best catches for the most part you wont find at parties or bars. Sorry guys but we have been looking in the wrong places. Its time to take your sights to the libraries, the gym, and student organization meetings.... yes i said student organization meetings, do you wanna find a good girl or not?

3. Become apart of the community. You will be surprised how many girls love a guy that is active in the community. The good ones drool over things like this. BUT most important is that you do good things in the community helping people while at the same time helping your self.

2. QUALITY CONVERSATION!!!!!. Good girls can smell a douche bag before he hits the door. If you want a good girl you have to lay down the ground work. One of the ways girls can tell what type of guy you are is by what you say throughout the course of a quality conversation. If you cant hold a decent conversation with a girl without reverting to sexual innuendos and saying idiotic mind- numbing things then you will lose all chance you ever had.

1. Confidence and Positivity. Just like anything else in life you must be confident to accomplish goals. In addition to that creating a air or an aura of positive energy around you and the things you do will undoubtedly attract good women to you. A good girl cant help but to be attracted to you energy, you will find yourself in positions where you are no longer looking and they are finding you.

Hope this has been helpful fellas. Until next time.

What's better than wisdom? A Woman. And what is better than a good woman? Nothing
 - Unknown


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