Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why Women Rule The World...

Face it, women rule the world. They control the behavior of men even down to the most basic sense. Women even control the behavior of other women. Like it or not guys we may dictate what goes on but the women keep everything spinning. Here's why...

Have you ever thought of the reason you feel compelled to do things that naturally you don't really care to do such as work out or get a job? Women. How about why you wear the clothes that you wear? Women. Ok what about the fun things like partying? Women too. Even sports? Yes, Women. In fact there is very few things on earth and I do mean very, very few that men do that have nothing to do with women. The fact of the matter is without women on earth this would be the most miserable existence in the universe next to a fly caught on a sticky trap waiting to die. In fact we may be equal. Women control things so much so that they even control the way each other think. You may think she says you are sexy because she likes you, but the truth is that she has already gotten you approved by other women as sexy before those words were uttered.. We have no say in this. This is a mans world but women keep the earth spinning. Its kind of like Owning a sports team, you may have the team but winning and losing games isn't determined by anything you do really. That's all up to the GM, Staff, and Players, also known as the Women! Men learn to appreciate women because a lot of us have gotten away from that. 

Ladies we love you.


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