Friday, January 4, 2013

2013: Let Me Upgrade You (Women's Edition)

By. Asia Jones

Whether you’re a Glamorous fashionista or a Bohemian fashionista, we’ve got your guide on how to upgrade your personal style for 2013. The law of fashion is simple—if you look good, you feel good.  A style enhancement just might be exactly what you need to actually accomplish all of your New Year’s Resolutions.

To all my Glam diva’s: stock up on sequins, metallics and fur. The key in 2013 is to wear them with basics so that you don’t go into a glam overload. Add some spicy pumps and you’ll you the definition of 2013 Glam. Bam!

Source: Kayture

Source: Karlas Closet

Rock and Roll-ista
To all my Rock inspired daredevil’s, 2013 is your time to experiment with spikes and studded apparel. Since you’re known for being fearless, you can wear more than one bold piece at a time as long as they’re in good taste. Pair a studded top with ripped jeans or funky tights and killer heels for a Rocker-Chic look. If heels aren’t really your forte, add a pair of combat boots or fly kicks to top of your ensemble.

Source: Fanny Lyckman

To all my self proclaimed tomboy’s I’ve got good news for you, sweats are in. 2013 is your year to add some sex appeal to your look while still looking effortless and feel comfortable. Polish off a pair of slouchy harems with a loose fitting tee and a sharp jacket. The key to transforming your outfit into a “look” is to make sure that all of your pieces are tailored to fit your body type. Even though most of your pieces are oversized, they still have to “fit” in order to avoid looking sloppy. The Stylish Tomboy is one of the hardest looks to pull off, but once perfected you have the potential to turn 2013 into your hottest year yet.

To all my Boho chicks, I’ve got one word for you: flow. Flowy dresses, flowy skirts and even flowy pants are going to be your BFF this year. Some key materials to keep and eye out for are lace and bold prints. Finish off your look with an arm party of Boho infused bracelets and headbands to give your style a bit of a Hippie-chic twist.

Source: Sincerely Jules


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