Friday, January 4, 2013

Jungle Fever Pt 1: My Thoughts

Never in any time in history has America been more of a melting pot of culture. What is also at an all time high is the amount of couples who are dating and come from different ethnic backgrounds. The idea of interracial dating was once a taboo thing, but for the young generation this is just a normal process in life. The initial triggers to the interracial relationship I believe is curiosity, essentially it is something new that you aren't used to. There will always be a deep erotic undertone to dating outside your race because society has gave you the impression that it is naughty.Unfortunately, there will always be some sort of backlash and or resentment from the society and what it views as "the norm". We are living in a time where the first black president of the United States happens to also be a product of interracial dating, that should be the indicator to us all that times are changing.

My Thoughts:
I can speak from experience when I say that there is no big deal in regards to dating outside of your race. I've been on both sides of the spectrum and the only difference is the color of that persons skin and who they are as a person. You should never determine who you are gonna be with strictly on their race. I understand that we all have our own preferences and that is totally fine but being open is the key. I am a black heterosexual male and I love all kinds of women from all walks of life. I think I speak for a lot of men when I say that skin color is not on the top of our list when choosing a mate. I must say that I have only been in love one time in my life and it had been with a white woman. After the relationship was done I never thought more or less of white women or of any race of women. I think the more experiences you have in your life you realize that all that matters is whether you like that person or not. I do think that at some point while I am alive interracial dating will not be a big issue. Until then I encourage anyone who is curious to try it and don't be afraid. A lot of people are afraid of what people may think of them for dating a person outside of their race. The people who will look down on you for this should not concern you. Don't let another person or group of people's ignorance be contagious and rub off on you. In the grand scheme of things we all are human beings and we must understand that all that matters is whether or not your mate treats you well, not the color of their skin.

Part Two: Meet The Parents (Coming Soon)


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