Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nefertiti And The Modern Woman

It was said that Egypt nor the world had ever seen such a beautiful woman.
Queen Nefertiti is regarded by most scholars and the most powerful woman to ever live. At one point after the time of her husband King Akhenaten's death she reign as the supreme ruler of Egypt, both King and Queen. Nefertiti is recognized as the greatest, most accomplished and most beautiful woman in human history, and today she is the blueprint and the mother of the modern day woman. Now more than ever woman are taking their lives within own hands and being there own supreme ruler. No longer are the days in which women completely depend and live on the every whim of their male counterparts. Nefertiti is the creator and inventor of the power that lies within the modern day woman. Confidence, grace, beauty, style, intelligence, strength and power. These were the hallmarks of the great Queen Nefertiti and of the modern great woman. I encourage all women to find the inner Nefertiti in you. Find the Queen that lies within you and give that beautiful gift to the world. 


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