Saturday, January 12, 2013

Friends With Benefits Pt.2: Can It Work?

Can it work? The answer is yes... sorta. Depending on your situation and the mental make up of the two people involved friends with benefits can begin and end beautifully or begin wonderful and end disastrous. The ideal of meeting a guy/girl who wants nothing but a good time and sex with you on a consistent basis can be rare. Don't get me wrong there is always stories of people who have their fun then move on with their lives, but for every one of those there is hundreds of stories where emotions get in the way of the fun. The fatal flaw of the whole "friends with benefits" relationship is at some point one of the two could possibly want more than the other is willing to offer. In courting a good partner for your "friends with benefits" relationship please keep in mind the mental make up of the person. Some people can handle this kind of relationship and others cannot. Also, be aware of the time frame of the relationship. Some people can handle being in this kind of relationship for a month or so, not many can handle a extended relationship like this. Choose wisely.

Hope this was helpful, until next time.


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