Thursday, January 10, 2013

Strange Mercy: Vice And Temptation

What I find the most interesting are the things we succumb to. We all have weaknesses that stem from things we desire. For some it may be sex, for others it may be money among many other things, but very few people on earth can control their wildest desires. I find it interesting that no matter how straight laced a person may appear or completely in control of their behavior, they can be conquered due to their own insatiable urges to temptation and vice lying deep inside them. Temptation is something we face everyday and in essence is nothing, it is the opportunity to succumb to the right temptations that can leave a person defenseless. Our servitude to vice and temptation makes us no greater than animals in fact it makes us carnal and just like them. We may act civilized and sophisticated but when the chips are down and the buttons are pushed we are nothing but animals. We are just the best of the domesticated ones.


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