Thursday, January 10, 2013

That One Girl...

By: Nicholas Budka

 All men have that one girl they remember the most. That “first” girl, the one you were overly into, and possibly even in love with. Many guys don’t understand but I am here to tell you, that you have based all your relationships thereafter on that one girl. Either by comparing them to the relationship and the girl, or in many cases by changing how you act to girls (and most of the time in a negative way).

These “first girls” are who we really fall for and in almost all cases something doesn't workout either way. They could have either moved-on, you were too young, or in most cases they broke your heart. I know..I know you’re a man and you don’t have emotions…. Save yourself the trouble, heed my words and recognize the problem they have presented in your life and most importantly, move on.
 Really take the time to remember back to THAT girl, and you can see what I’m talking about, but you will also be able to fix that problem. Many times it could be hard to put 100% into women anymore afterwords (and I mean  REAL 100% not what you’re lying to yourself about 100%). You could default to desiring and having many women just to cover up and be able to always have a girl want you. Or in some cases you just plain cannot 100% move on from her.
Now I challenge all of you to think on this…to really realize that this may very well have been or currently happening to you. And I am here to tell you to dwell on this is not fair to her, but more importantly you. It may have taken many years but change back or improve who you are as a person towards women, and I can guarantee with a little patience you will find something even better. 


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