Friday, December 21, 2012

American Women VS Foreign Women

Ok, where should I begin. I would like to preface this article by stating that men have only two real preferences. We would like for you to be hot, and we would like for you to like us. Men don't get hung up on certain types of women as much as women do about men. We could care less what country you are from and we don't think about it much when choosing who we like. But, for the sake of this argument I will point out the differences that I noticed.

The thing I find the most intriguing about this issue is that through my research with women on the other article( American Men VS Foreign Men) what I have found is that the same reasons they like foreign men are pretty much the same reason we like foreign women. Whether its the accents or the way they dress or how attractively unique they are compared to what we are used to its pretty much very similar to why American women like their men. What I admire about foreign women who come to america is that on any given day I can hardly ever find them under dressed, its something they learn in their homeland that we don't learn here. Don't get me wrong, women in general like to be well dressed a lot more than men do but when I'm walking around my school sometimes all I can see is american women in leggings(don't get me started on leggings) or jogging pants, then I'll look the other way and see a well dressed foreign woman. Also I noticed that when you hang out with foreign women there are certain subtle things that they may acknowledge more than most American women. For example, I drink a lot of wine and champagne and I was hanging out with a friend once who noticed that on that particular night I had Pierre Peters Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs which is a champagne. Well, instead of saying "oh that's a cool name are you trying to be fancy or something" which is along the lines of what an American women typically might say, my foreign friend not only recognized the brand but was inquisitive as to why I purchased the brand and we talked about other brands she liked. Small things like that go a long way when I think about the comparison between the two.

The same gripe that women may have about American men in terms to their lack culture, fashion sense and romanticism can very well be place upon American women when being compared to a foreign woman. Just a thought, maybe instead of stating who is better because of these things we should work towards being like the our people from foreign lands and learn something. I owe a lot of my mindset towards the way I perceive how a gentlemen should be to foreign people, I work everyday towards becoming the ultimate man I envision I can be. If American men and women took a similar approach to this issue then maybe we wouldn't even have use for this discussion.

Truthfully what I learned throughout my research on this is that we all like something different from what we always see. If an american man who could speak a bit of French went to France for school then he would get attention for his accent, his style and things of that nature. No matter where you go people are attracted to things that are exotic and that aren't like them. The biggest thing I've learned from these articles is that we all should work on ourselves to improve our own worth. I'm not in the business of telling you that one side is better than the other, different things work for different people. Although it may seem like foreign men and women are more attractive from an American perspective there are things that American men and women have that are wonderful qualities to us that foreign people don't. I say all of that to say no matter what your preference is it shouldn't be because of a persons race, color or place of origin. Your preferences should be from the quality of a persons character, your compatibility, and how that person makes you feel.


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