Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Boots: Men's Edition

Every man needs a good boot. There is no shoe like a good boot, its durable, secure and you can wear it with anything. Here is some of my favorite boots.

Timberland Classic

This was the first boot I ever owned, because of that it always has sentimental value. This is a classic boot from a classic company.

Polo Ralph Lauren Boots

When I first got to college I experienced the Polo boot. One of my good friends were wearing them and I was immediately in love with the boot. Its one of those boots that perfectly mesh strength and style.

Bruno Magli 'Palatino' Cap Toe Boot

This is just a beauty of a boot. When you buy one of these then style is definitely on your mind. One of my all time favorite boots.

Frye 'Dakota' Moc Toe Boot

For starters this boot has wool in the inside. Wool inside my shoe is a automatic win me for, but in all seriousness this is just a classic example of a boot that has just the right amount of durability and just the right amount style to match.

Louis Vuitton Winter Summit Men's Boot

Alot of times in fashion you realize that sometimes the key is to keep it simple. This boot is elegant, simplistic and down right gorgeous. I remember going into the Louis Vuitton store in downtown Chicago and I was infatuated. I felt like a young boy who had just seen the girl of his dreams. For a young gentlemen this is one of the things that we covet to add to our collection.


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