Monday, December 24, 2012

The Watches

Finding a good watch as a young gentlemen is a relatively interesting task. A lot of us don't know where to look for good watches and what brands would truly appeal to our style. Here in no particular order(other than price) I have assembled a few watches and brands to help fellow young gentlemen on their journey to finding a good watch.

Bulova Men's Essential Strap

Classic looking watch with a classic leather band. This watch comes at a great price and goes with many styles.

Boss Black Round Letter Strap

The Boss leather strap may be one of my favorite watches. I am really into the classic leather strap look and this is exactly that.

Citzen Eco Drive Black Stainless Steel

The Eco Drive is a beauty of a watch. If you are looking for a cool, sort of expensive watch and you have never had one this is a good start. This watch meshes well with most of what you wear on a daily bases, this can also be worn with a suit.

Casio Edifice Red Bull Limited Edition

The Edifice is just a cool watch, if you can ever get your hands on one please do so. This is perfect for casual wear.

Tissot Courtier

The Tissot Courtier is affordable luxury, and the most versatile watch of the list.

Bell & Ross Commando BR 01-94

I had to throw this lust worthy gem into the conversation. Most of us may not be able to afford a Bell & Ross watch just yet but you should start getting familiar with brand. This is a sporty and sleek watch that goes with casual wear.


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